We are WixNerds.

Creating amazing websites is our passion.

Who Are We?

We at WixNerds are a group of hard working individuals with creative ideas who love working with Wix.

We believe in making the web easily accessible and affordable 

for everyone. Exactly how it is suppose to be.

We discovered Wix around the end of 2008 while studying Communication Multi Media & Design where we created

our very first website and you can say the rest is history.

While we provide our services all around the world, we are mainly located in:

  • The Hague, Netherlands.   

  • Miami, Florida.   

  • Curaçao, Caribbean.

What Are We About?

We are extremely passionate about creating amazing Wix websites with that Simplistic feel and Modern look for an affordable price. ​


Our aim is to help you build a website that most resonates with whatever you are trying to do and to give you that quick and professional online presence.  


We build custom, on brand websites that you can easily manage yourself afterwards.

We build custom, on brand websites that

you can easily manage yourself.

Brand new website design

We will build you that brand new website you've

been dreaming about.  Your website will instantly improve your business and let you stand out from

the competition by giving you that professional

online presence.

Redesign old website

We will revamp your old website for you and

bring your design up-to-date. If your old website

is built on Wordpress that won't be a problem.

We will rebuild it for you on the Powerful

Wix platform.


Looking to start selling your product online?

Let us help you create a beautiful & user

friendly Webshop.

Process {working with us}


Discovery {our first date}

Let’s get to know each other.

We conduct a situation analysis to identify the challenges you are facing. We then open up a goal-oriented discussion to drive our strategy recommendations.


Strategize {mission plan}

We put our heads together!

Extensive R&D identifies target audiences and successful messaging, which drives our developing process.


Kick off {so exciting!}

Your vision comes alive! 

Preparations are complete, we get the green light and execute.


Analyze {what’s going on}

In hindsight… 

Arguably the most important part. We will analyze your feedback and proceed to make the adjustments to create a design that matches all your wants and needs.


Launch {honor roll}

See the results with your own eyes. 

You're are ready to launch your website and embark on your online adventure! 

Want that Amazing online presence?

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