8 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Videos

Videos are taking over the web today and staking their claim on many platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and now, even Instagram. As someone who lives and breathes in the creative space of this art form, you want to utilize all of your resources. However, your brand’s image is not complete without an all-inclusive place to showcase your work and the many other aspects of your awesome brand: your very own video website.

With the excitement of VidCon this past week, we were honored to speak about the best way to get your work out and into the world. A video website is that special ingredient that all videographers need to take advantage of in order to complete their main dish: a professional online presence. This is a must if you want to have a hub for all things related to your business; merchandise, social media links, a blog, and more. Video-making geniuses, here are the reasons why you need to create a video website:

01. Own your work

Giving a creative person rules and restrictions is like keeping a bird in a cage forever. So what does a video website metaphorically mean? Set me free, I want to fly! Here you can take full control and ownership over your work. No one will take your video down without telling you, limit the size, or allow free downloads without your consent. You will not be bound to a cage of standard limitations and capabilities or pop-up advertisements.

Think of a video website like your home, where you can control the look, feel, sounds and behaviors completely. This is your place to be expressive and give your audience a feel for your brand identity by customizing everything from head-to-footer.

02. Spread your influence

While your audience can follow and subscribe to all of the social media platforms that you use, a website allows them to actually get in touch with you. Your website enables you to centralize and channel many forms of communication. This includes conversations like live chat, emailing, or calling you by phone. You can take it a step further and spread your influence by starting a blog or creating a forum. A website provides an opportunity for you to present yourself and let people know a little more about the person behind the camera.

Take Justine Ezarik, for example. She’s a social media influencer famous for her YouTube channel, “iJustine.” Her glory lies in her vlog about tech, travel, gaming, and cooking (or attempting to). Although YouTube is where she shines, Justine also utilizes her website to expand her community. One section of her site is dedicated to a members only area. Member’s Area is a great place for her followers to engage with one another – plus its a genius way for Justine to expand her reach.

03. Offer exclusive content

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Why? Because not only do we all need to make a living but the idea of “exclusive content” is one surefire way to entice a crowd. Let’s say you are a workout instructor and video creator. On Facebook, you can post a 30-second sneak preview video of your newest summer abs workout. On YouTube, it’s possible to offer the first session of your workout series as a free demo. Then, on your video website, you can sell the entire workout series available for purchase or rent it by using Wix Video. The magic of this feature is that you can sync the content from Facebook and YouTube on your website. The best part? You can double up on benefits by increasing your website visits and video views on your other social platforms all in one place.

Other examples of short-form content that you can offer on your social channels include a preview to your comedy show, or a short snippet of your full cooking demo, makeup tutorial, or yoga practice. Once you keep your long-form content for your website, it will help you to decipher your casual viewers from your devoted ones.

04. Engage with your audience

Will you be the next Rhett & Link, offering the most-watched online daily show today? It’s possible, we aren’t doubting you! But, even these YouTube stars have their own website to keep their audience in the know about all things mythical. Use your website, like these influencers do, to engage with your audience by keeping them updated on your upcoming events, tours, or ticket sale dates. Further, interact with your viewers by presenting them with diverse forms of engagement and content that you wouldn’t be able to on a platform other than your own video website. A contact form is one easy way to allow users to get in touch with you. Also, you can include Wix Chat to interact with your visitors in real time from wherever you are – your smartphone included via the Wix Mobile App. Then, link from within your website to your social media channels via a social media bar or with a bold call-to-action in the middle of your website directing them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

05. Grow your business’s potential

A website is the best platform to promote anything that you are doing as a business because of the control and autonomy it offers. One great function of it, unlike other channels, is the ability to create a newsletter. As a result, your community can receive a first look at your content and always be in the know. Plus, your video website helps you grow an email subscriber list of valuable contacts by adding every new user that signs up.

The options are endless when it comes to what you can promote on your video website. No matter what your needs are; an online portfolio, a crowdfunding project, a production blog, or a film trailer site – you’ll want a place to direct your fans too. When they are browsing your awesome videos on your website, you can explain more about the services you offer, discuss your collaborations, and even sell your merchandise through an online store (posters, t-shirts, “I love <insert your name>” magnets).

06. Rank higher on Google

Ah, SEO. We meet again. That frightening term that is actually quite simple to grasp once you follow a few simple steps. SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that your pages can rank higher on search engines’ results. One of the many ways to increase your standing is to use the correct keywords throughout your site. This means that the wording that you choose for your video website (and where you place these powerful words) is crucial for your visibility on the World Wide Web.

You don’t have to search frantically (like every time you lose your keys) for the proper words to include, as we’ve put together this list of all the SEO tools you will need to start climbing the pages of Google. Furthermore, by using Wix SEO Wiz, you’ll receive a personalized step-by-step plan after answering a few simple questions. With the proper SEO and linking your social channels and website to each other, you’ll create a traffic loop between all the places where you exist online. In other words, someone might learn that you have a website thanks to an awesome article you posted on Facebook.

07. Brand yourself online

Your video website is like your business card. When you hand out your domain to your fans and customers, you want your site to do all the talking for you. It should be appealing enough that they can’t help but check out the rest of your site. Therefore, when designing your website, you should keep in mind these five key components of well-rounded success;

  • Appearance (who are you?)

  • Audience (who are they?)

  • Intent (why are they here?)

  • Value (what are you offering?)

  • Retention (what will make them stick around?)

Every online platform you touch should be coated in your brand and answer those five questions – your website being the hub of it all. For example, if you are a vegan food vlogger, your website images should not include one of you skydiving, or something to this extent. You get the point. If it’s unrelated, don’t include it. Your color choices should match from one platform to the other – whichever color palette you choose, keep it consistent throughout. The same applies to choosing fonts, creating a logo, and the entire design. Overall, make sure that no matter how your audience comes across your work, they will instantly recognize your brand.

08. Get a professional result without the hassle

We aren’t putting down the great monarchies of video hosting, like YouTube and Vimeo. These are the obvious choices for displaying your work since it only takes a few clicks and a limited amount of written content before your video is uploaded and ready to potentially gain virality, glory, and stardom. However, it’s evident that a video website is also very important to complete your professional brand. You can start creating your site from choosing one of the many fully customizable templates available. Then, add in the most advanced web design features that are available at your fingertips to help you create the most stellar website with Wix Video. The best part is that your website and social channels can live in harmony as you can sync your YouTube feed or live stream directly from your website. Wix automatically created a mobile-optimized version of your site which means your fans can be entertained anywhere, anytime.