How to Make a Free Wedding Website in 7 Easy Steps

The wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air. Congratulations! Project Wedding is now underway. From the moment you both agreed to tie the knot and until the very last payment is made to the vendors, your life will be filled with appointments, budgeting, fittings, seating arrangements, excel sheets, tastings and other exciting/exhausting tasks. But one of these tasks is going to be easy-peasy: we are going to help you create a free wedding website that will wow each and every one of your guests.

Wedding websites are often thought of as a paperless, convenient alternative to traditional invitations. Your gorgeous website will be a lot more than just that. Working with our beautiful wedding website templates and following the recommendations listed here below, you will create a functional and moving website that will leave a lasting impression on your family, friends and loved ones. Without further ado, here are the steps you need to make a free wedding website:

  • Start with the right template

  • Personalize with your own images, texts & design

  • Include all the essential information

  • Get those RSVPs rolling!

  • Keep it exclusive

  • Add an extra touch

  • Keep the memories alive

01. Start with the right template

It’s your wedding – and your website! Choose the one template that you feel represents you and your loved one’s relationship. You can place emphasis on your personal style (classy, indie, romantic, etc.), you can go with a look that channels your shared hobbies or interests, or you could pick a layout that matches your wedding’s theme or destination. Whichever way you want to make your decision, you’ll find tons of gorgeous wedding website templates to choose from on Wix, entirely for free. They all come with the full package of features that every couple needs, from an RSVP widget to a Google Maps to help your guests find the venue’s location.

02. Personalize with your own images, texts & design

You want your wedding website to be all about the two of you and your special day. In a few clicks, you can easily edit the template you chose to make it truly your own. Start by customizing the texts – from the full event details to the declarations of your undying love for each other. Don’t forget to upload photos and visuals of the two of you, in order to make this website a real celebration of your future together. The great thing about creating a wedding website with Wix is that you even have the option to customize the fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes of everything on the site. You have absolute freedom, so use it!

03. Include all the essential information

While your website template will already include a neat division into pages, you may want to add more content or restructure how it’s divided. If this sounds a bit technical, don’t worry. Even if you’ve never built a website before, the Wix Editor lets you add and remove pages, organize and reshuffle content easily. If you’re not sure what kind of content your wedding website should have, here are a few good ideas:

  • Location (including driving instructions and a Google Maps feature).

  • Exact date and full schedule of the planned events.

  • Dress code or any other type of special requests.

  • Links to your wedding registries.

  • A PayPal button for cash gifts.

  • Information of contact person on both families.

04. Get those RSVPs rolling!

One of the most exciting things about creating a wedding website is the moment you start seeing the RSVPs coming. It’s getting real! Regardless of how long your guest list is, keeping track of who is coming, who can’t make it, and who’s bringing whom along can get tricky. Your solution to that is Wix Events, the perfect tool to help you stay organized.

Wix Events allows you to create and send out email invitations to your wedding. It collects RSVP responses and organizes all the information for you, automatically. It’s like your own wedding assistant, except that it’s free and you don’t have to deal with phone calls! Even better: if you’re planning multiple events for your wedding (bridal shower, wedding rehearsal or a toast with family), you can use Wix Events to schedule and plan all of them.

05. Keep it exclusive

You wouldn’t want uninvited guests crashing your wedding, wouldn’t you? To make sure your website is only available for your invited guests, you can protect it by setting up privacy barriers. One method is to disable search engines from finding your website. This means the link simply will not show up on Google or other search engines. Another method is protecting the site with a password that you can then share with whomever you choose.

06. Add an extra touch

All is looking good? Are you ready to launch your wedding website and announce the details of your special day? Here are a few last-minute additions you may consider if you want to add some special sauce to it:

  • Tell your love story: Add a personal touch by sharing the story of your relationship with your guests. You can write a short text that recounts how you two first met. If you’re more comfortable with pictures than words, you can upload a photo album that highlights beautiful moments from various stages of your relationship – and you can even add a video clip that depicts a day in your life.

  • Make them feel at home: If you are expecting guests to be traveling from afar, share helpful and exciting information about your wedding’s location – hotel recommendations, fun trivia facts, cool tips for first-time visitors, best dishes to try at your favorite restaurants and more.

07. Keep the memories alive

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! Share the excitement with all your guests (and the loved ones that couldn’t make it) and stream photos and videos from the wedding directly on your website. How? Using a social stream app and a hashtag. Notify guests in advance that they can use a specific hashtag at your wedding – adding it to the header or footer of your website is a good way to go. On the day of the event, the social stream app will collect all relevant posts and display them in one magical location – your wedding website. This is also a great way to keep the memory alive with no effort, as the captured moments will be displayed on your website for eternity.